Chocolate Day SMS 2018 | चोकलेट डे शायरी

Chocolate Day SMS 2018

Chocolate Day SMS 2018

This Is A Chocolate Message,

For A Dairy Milk Person,

From A Five Star Friend,

For A Melody Reason,

And A Kitkat Time,

On A Munch Day,

In A Perk Mood To Say,

Happy Chocolate Day  sms 2018

 Today Day Is The Chocolate Day

Dairymilk For Love

Kitkat For Special

Bounty For Cool

Mars For Best Friend

Sonat 4 Cute Hug

Galaxy 4 Sweet Kiss

What Will You Give Me?

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,

It Tastes Only In The Beginning!

But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,

It Tastes Till It Ends!

Happy Chocolate Day SMS 2018

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